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Millions Have
Enrolled For 2017

Obamacare had a huge year in 2017 by
enrolling 17.6 million people and lowering the uninsured rate to record lows. For 2018, over 10.7 million have already joined in. Have you?

Obamacare Essential Benefits

  1. Outpatient care, or ambulatory services
  2. Prescription drugs
  3. Emergency care
  4. Hospitalization
  5. Mental and behavioral health care
  6. Rehabilitative and habilitative care
  7. Laboratory tests
  8. Preventive and wellness services
  9. Pediatric care
  10. Newborn and maternity care

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Frequently Asked Questions

When Is the 2018 Open Enrollment Period?

The 2018 open enrollment period to enroll in a new Obamacare/ACA health insurance plan begins on November 1, 2017 and ends on December 15, 2017, which is 45 days shorter than the open enrollment period in previous years. This means that people have less time than in past years to shop and enroll in a new plan. Unless you experience a special life event during the 2018 calendar year, you will be unable to sign up for new or change your existing health insurance plan until November 2018 if you fail to enroll during this next enrollment period. For complete information on deadlines for 2017 go here.

What happens if I don't sign up for Obamacare?

If you don’t have health insurance at the end of the open enrollment period on December 15, 2017, you may be taxed for not complying with the law and you won’t be able to enroll again unless you have a special circumstance occur, until the next open enrollment period on November 2018. For 2017 and most likely 2018, the tax is 2.5% of your yearly income or $695 per adult, whichever is higher, and there are additional fines if you have children.

What if I can't afford health insurance?

If you make less than $47,550 year as an individual or $97,200 a year as a family of four, you can get a tax subsidy to help you pay your monthly premiums. Estimate your subsidy using our calculator or give us a call.

How can I get a tax subsidy to lower my costs?

There are a number of ways to qualify. Even if you exceed the minimum of $47,550 as an individual, you may receive deductions that would bring that amount within range to get subsidies. Calculate your subsidy by completing this form or just give us a call.

How do I apply for 2018 plans?

Complete the short form here to view rates and enroll online. 

Still have questions? Give us a call or read more in our news section.